SFCD is a digital product agency that combines strategy, design and engineering to create world-class mobile and web apps.

SFCD: a new formation

Since you’re reading this, you may already know the news. SoftFacade is now SFCD. This is a natural evolution for us as a company, but it has taken several years to get to where we are today. Along the way, we have grown as an organization and refined our philosophy while crafting a more meaningful vision of our future.

SoftFacade was founded in 2007 in St. Petersburg, Russia as a software design and development company. Over the years, we have grown into a full-service digital agency with an all-star team of more than 20 people, headquartered in the heart of New York City.

We earned global recognition in 2011 thanks to our stellar icon work. At the time, we helped establish a trend that focused on hyper-realistic illustrations, but as we worked to move beyond that, we realized people kept associating us with only eye-candy icon design. It was time for a more drastic change.

We wanted to design and create, not decorate and illustrate. In fact, by the end of 2013 there were no pure icon designers left on our team as more and more UX designers and software developers came on board.

Our major website re-launch in 2013 helped further shift perceptions by showing the world we could build great products, not just design pretty icons, but we still wanted a more radical change. We longed for a new brand and identity that would bring our evolved philosophy, our full-service offering, and our rich history to a global audience. That’s how we came up with SFCD.

Our new name respects our roots while representing an overarching change. From the way we tackle and present our work to the way we communicate with each other and our clients, we have reimagined every single process and method within our organization.

Today, we are launching a new website that most precisely reflects our matured philosophy of simple, yet bold and dynamic design. It becomes the backbone for our most important endeavor—solving real-world challenges and improving people's lives through design and technology.

Please read the full story behind our new design to learn more about our thought process.

We would like to thank our team, our clients, and our loyal supporters for always inspiring us.