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Sony underwater apps

Creating a splash for Sony’s first waterproof smartphone


Sony and Wieden+Kennedy tapped SFCD to design and develop apps showcasing the waterproof feature of the Xperia Z series phones. The challenge was to deliver fun experiences that would encourage people to use their phones in water.

What we did

After brainstorming ideas with Wieden+Kennedy, we had two favorites: a photo-development app, inspired by traditional darkroom techniques, and a karaoke app, optimized for singing in the rain. Working closely with the Wieden+Kennedy team, we designed and delivered both apps to the client in just a few weeks.


The apps were nominated for the prestigious Cannes Lions Mobile Lions Award and garnered positive feedback in the press and across social media.

Photo Lab

At first glance, the app may look and feel very familiar. Users select a photo from their photo library and apply an effect inspired by ingredients used in traditional photo development. However, in order for the effect to take place, the phone must be submerged in water until the image develops. You can tilt the phone underwater to control the effect on specific areas of the image.


The app extends the classic karaoke experience, giving you the opportunity to belt out your favorite tunes in the rain or in your shower. The user interface was purposely designed for singing in the rain by using gesture controls and double taps to avoid false interactions caused by water.

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