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Building a tool for creating fun, animated typographic masterpieces.

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We wanted to create something that designers and type enthusiasts would love using, so having a clean, typography-based design was our goal from day one. The home screen is a feed of hand-picked typographic inspiration from Extensis’ curated Pinterest feed. Inspired and ready to create? Get started right away, no need to register.


We designed the brand identity to perfectly complement the UI: the same signature color, type-based app icon, and the timeless Helvetica Neue was used as the main font.


Users can get started instantly with over 10 handcrafted themes, or start from scratch by choosing the blank theme.


For the interface, our main goal was to offer a powerful set of tools for designers while still making them intuitive enough for casual users. You can see the workflow and the breadth of customizable settings in this little (but mighty) app in the illustration below:


If you like experimenting and want to add a flurry of randomness to your work, you will enjoy the Shuffle mode. It’s like having a brainstorming meeting with yourself.


You love fonts, we have them. Hundreds of typefaces are available to be used in your creations. Why limit your imagination to a preset list of fonts if you can have them all?

Intuitive Controls

A simple and visual way to tweak your type.


We’re using Helvetica Neue not only as the main font in the app, but also as a base and guide for the iconography language.


You can easily share your creations to a social network of choice as an image, video, or GIF animation. Or try using it right in your messaging app to give that special message the power of type and design.


The world is full of great typefaces. Now available for iPhone and iPad, Fontspiration is a cool new app for iOS that makes it a little easier to appreciate them on the go.


Amazing type-based work that you’ll get lost in for hours and come out the other side feeling truly inspired.


Offering you a feed filled entirely with awesome type-based works for that boost in creativity, as well as the option for you to create typographic animations with Google Fonts.


Fontspiration include a constantly updated feed of Pinterest inspiration on the main page of the app to keep your creative wheels turning.

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