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Designing the identity, iPhone app and website for a utility bill payment platform


Seattle-based Mobilligy, a company that makes an app for managing and paying monthly utility bills, tapped SFCD to design their product in 2012. Since then, we have been assisting them with design across all digital touch points.

What we did

We designed their logo, app icon, iPhone app, and website from scratch. Shortly after iOS 7 came out, we began refining the app to embrace the new aesthetics and incorporate existing user feedback, extending Prism’s strong user experience to this new OS as well.


Prism has quickly become a go-to service for people looking for a secure hub to pay all of their utility bills. The iPhone app has accumulated over 250 App Store reviews with a 5 star average rating.

Brand Identity

Prism team asked us to evolve the brand to align better with it's target audience. We refined exciting style to help the company to move forward creating a new experience for their users with clear and powerful identity.


The challenge behind introduced improvements was to make engaging with the mobile payment system easier for people.

Onboarding experience

First use scenarios were updated to meet all the needs of a financial app for a daily use. Simple while trustworthy, it walks users through carefully chosen steps providing context through thoughtfully placed imagery.

Home screen

We did our best to turn the main screen into a powerful visualisation tool. It helps users to stay in the know by prioritising the information they need most, with a great focus on productivity. It is highly interactive and based on gestures.

"We now have a world class product that our customers love"

Steve Gordon, CTO

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