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Yota Android app

Designing a mobile customer experience for a new wireless operator.


Yota came to us to design an innovative and efficient way of talking to their customers. The Yota app will ship pre-installed on their devices and will provide access to all services the company offers to their customers on the go, from checking an account balance and data usage to constructing custom plans and chatting with support.

UX First

We started with an exploration of main usage scenarios, then switched to rapidly wireframing and testing the user flows in order to define key layouts and interaction patterns.

Brand Identity

We wanted to design an app that closely followed the Material Design guidelines, but at the same time belonged to the Yota family. We decided to combine Yota’s iconic look with the bright, cheerful appearance of Android Lollipop. At the time, Material Design had just been announced and we couldn’t wait to apply its novel and purposeful iconography, animation, and interface design principles on a real project.

UI Principles

In parallel with designing the brand identity and visual language, we also established the style for key UI elements.

Plan Constructor

From the plan constructor the user can quickly and effortlessly customize their plan and even pick a new number. Once they’ve specified their voice, data, and messaging needs and other details, they can immediately purchase the updated plan or save it for later.


Can’t make up your mind when picking a new number? Try playing roulette instead. Not only the app will present you with a selection of numbers, it will also provide some information about how each number was generated.

User Data

Opening an account with Yota is a breeze. Just take a picture of your ID and the app will automatically recognize its contents to pre-fill your information. And you can do it right at home instead of going to the store and waiting in line.

Places & Delivery

You can have your new Yota SIM card delivered to your door or you can pick it up at a nearby Yota store.


The app provides users with information about special offers, tips, and alerts via notifications shown in a designated area of the home screen.

Main info

We’ve conveniently placed the most important information, such as data and voice usage, front and center on the home screen.


You can quickly get to the balance screen from anywhere in the app to review your spending and balance history or to make payment.




We’ve designed a predictive notification system that provides insights about potential or current issues and gives tips on how to quickly resolve them.


The app has a built-in customer support center, which looks and feels like a familiar messaging app. Customer representatives are available 24/7 and asking them technical or billing questions is as comfortable as striking up conversations with your friends.


After chatting with a representative you can rate their skills to improve the quality of our customer service or report them if you left dissatisfied.


The app intelligently assist its users by giving them useful tips and highlighting relevant and important information.

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