SFCD is a digital product agency that combines strategy, design and engineering to create world-class mobile and web apps.

World-class mobile app development

in LA


SFCD is a full-service mobile product agency in LA that builds digital products for different platforms and experiences.

Our team of designers and developers create beautiful and intuitive apps for iOS and Android, with careful attention paid to brand identity, pixel-perfect designs, stability and scalability, and the needs of our clients and users.

Who we are

We are a team of innovators, developers, designers, strategists, and tech enthusiasts who make digital products with a user-centered approach.

Every design detail matters and we apply our expertise in visual and user experience design towards mobile apps and websites for enterprises, leading brands and startups.

As a boutique agency, our tailored approach has led us to successful collaborations with clients from early-stage startups and SMBs, to Fortune 500 enterprises. We work with them in the ideation, product strategy, design, development, and iteration stages to actualize their ideas and bring them to market, offering continued support after their product launch. In other words, we can take sketched ideas on a napkin and turn them into a polished, final product. The versatility of our designs is evident as we’ve worked with clients in media, fashion, education, mHealth, social networking, travel, utilities, human capital management (HCM), photography, and finance.

LA App Developers & Designers

Our personal approach to working with clients made us realize that we could grow and thrive on another level as a business — so our move to LA was a natural evolution for the company. The opening of the new office would allow us to be immersed in the tech scene and startup culture, while forming new relationships in a different part of the world with other leading innovators.

We work with startups at any stage and level of funding, approaching ideas with business savvy while collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs with great ideas. We're not just a vendor, but a reliable partner who offers dedicated resources while serving as an extension of your team. We help startups grow quickly by designing and building amazing mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other wearables.

How we design &
build mobile apps

  • Beauty is just as important as utility to us. We apply our design and development expertise across iOS and Android applications, helping clients elevate their company image through brand and identity, and vigorous quality assurance testing — so they stand out in a competitive app market. Before we beautify the details between each pixel and develop the product — hours are also devoted to the UX design process, which include market and user research, and user testing — to name a few examples.

  • The market research allows us to decide what’s working in the current product landscape, as well as give us ideas on how we can design products better. The user research allows us to identify real needs and problems so that we can design the right solutions that lead to intuitive and positive experiences. The insights we glean from the research stage allow us to establish a minimum viable product (MVP) — saving our clients time and money.

  • With feedback applied, we then build interactive prototypes for more extensive user testing and feedback, allowing us to collaborate with our clients and iterate our designs for optimal user experiences. Visual design is applied to polish off the product’s brand and appearance.

  • Early on — followed by wireframing which allows us to work out the general flow and navigation through testing. We then enter the development stage, undergo careful quality assurance and testing, followed by the big launch in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Mobile Development for Startups

We offer end-to-end services for start-ups, designing solutions that connect them with consumers — increasing sales and strengthening the consumer-business relationship. Startups can glean additional insights on how customers engage with their brand through digital products, and can iterate the design as needed — based on user testing — before going to market.

We assign a small and focused multi-disciplinary team to every project — led and overseen by one of the co-founders. We also deliver tangible results through interactive, mobile prototypes for clients to preview and test, inviting feedback so they can have a voice in the design process. After all, clients have close relationships with their users so their insights are extremely valuable in our iterative and collaborative approach.

The Cost of App

Designing and developing an app is no small endeavor, but, if done correctly — and with the right attention to details — you could build a great product that’s also scaleable.

Before we begin design and development, we do research to identify existing problems to validate users’ needs — thus designing smart, relevant solutions. By defining real problems for businesses and users early on, we help clients save time and money before they go deep into a project, which prevents them from creating apps with no demand.

Our process of targeted research allows us to produce lean designs quickly, so we can gather client feedback through early-stage prototypes, along with user testing and iterations woven throughout the design process. Brand and identity are also crucial to adding the polish to a finished product, so we apply world-class visual design to top it off before going into development.

Our team’s expertise in both iOS and Android, allows us to create apps strictly adhering to the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), as well as Android Design Guidelines — backed by user-friendly and  ntuitive designs.

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